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Vintage Photograph 2014.8

1940s woman on stoop

1940s Woman on a Stoop This Throwback Thursday brings us another nameless, location-less vintage beauty. While we can date this photo to the 1940s by her clothing, hair, and shoes, we just don’t know anything more. I personally love the way she is framed by the shadow. And I have to laugh because only at third glance did I finally see the child that is seated next to her that was cropped out of the frame. Wonder what the story […]

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Vintage Photograph 2014.6

1945 vintage bride

1945 Vintage Bride On this unseasonably warm (sorry east coast it’s in the 70s here) February day, one day before Valentine’s Day I’ve chosen a vintage bride to be our Throwback Thursday beauty. While we don’t know her name, we can place the photo to Albuquerque, NM. The back of the photo is stamped with the photo lab information that printed the photo. It reads, “Camera Shop of New Mexico Nov 2, 1945 Albuquerque, New Mexico.” She’s a beautiful bride; […]

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Vintage Photograph 2014.5

1940s woman Ila

1940s Portrait of Ila This week for Throwback Thursday #tbt we meet Ila. Based on her hairstyle I’m dating this to sometime in the 1940s. There is no other information on this vintage photograph. I just love her hair. I wish I could pull off the same look without looking like a poodle. Time for some more practice on 1940s hair. If you too are interested in reproducing 1940s hair, this book has become my bible on the topic. 1940s Hairstyles by […]

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Vintage Photograph 2014.4

1930s woman and man

  1930s Couple Dressed for a Night Out Another Throwback Thursday (#tbt) photo mystery this week as the photo gives us no clues as to the identity of the subjects or location of this photo. Based on clothing and hair we’d place this photo from the 1930s. We’re sure this elegant film noir looking couple was dressed for some occasion, perhaps an evening out on the town. Whatever the occasion was, we’d love to find a dress like hers and […]

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Vintage Photograph 2014.3

1940s woman and dog

1940s Woman with her Loyal Dog This week’s Throwback Thursday (#tbt) brings you a 1940s lady and her dog. Don’t you just love her suit and her hair? Her dog is even sporting a fancy harness. Unfortunately this vintage photograph gives us little information. The only thing written in pencil on the back is the year “1940.” We’ll take a stab and say she’s most likely not in New Mexico due to the abundant green grass at the very bottom […]

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Vintage Photograph – 2014.2

1930s woman santa fe

1930s Woman in Santa Fe, NM For Throwback Thursday we present a stylish desert woman from the 1930s. This photo was found at a local antique mall. We love how her dress is blowing in the New Mexico wind. The back of the photo is stamped “Lamme Photo Co. Santa Fe, N.M.” Behind her you can see a hand-built adobe wall, which is a common sight in New Mexico. And on her wrist a hand stamped silver bracelet which seems […]

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Vintage Photograph – 2014.1

1940s vintage woman

This is beginning of what we hope will be a regular blog post every Thursday for Throwback Thursday (#tbt). The hope is to shine light on discarded vintage photographs of women. The images will have all been found photos, scanned and shared online for (most likely) the first time. 1940s Beauty Isn’t she beautiful? She was recently found in an Albuquerque antique mall. This hand-colored photo is straight out of the 1940s. There is no information on the back of the […]

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