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How to Decorate a Bra


As a vintage dance troupe we get gigs and decide what to perform based on the kind of event it is. Because of this, our original fan dance, Tears, is a very popular routine for 1920s/1930s events. It was originally performed in 2012 at 505 Stomp in Albuquerque. It has been a staple of our repertoire ever since. It has been recast multiple times and taught to every new member. After the original debut, we made troupe costumes for an […]

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How to Throw a Great Gatsby Party, Part 1

Great Gatsby Party

We Sweet Jubilee Girls have been excitedly counting down the days until the release of the new Great Gatsby movie. Being released this past weekend, wouldn’t you know we had a performance the same night it opened? A few of us trekked to the movies over the weekend to see it even though we missed opening night. The costumes, the sets, the actors, everything was so spectacular. Even without the old jazz music, it was still quite awesome. Every time […]

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