Sweet Jubilee Solo Jazz classes!

Sundays, 5sk14:15-6:30pm, Back Door Studio, $5

Sweet Jubilee will be revisiting some classic solo jazz choreography: Shim Sham (multiple variations), Tranky Doo, The Big Apple – and we’re opening it up to anyone who wants to attend! Our pace and teaching will be geared to intermediate+ dancers rather than beginners, but everyone is welcome!

We will work not just on “the moves” but also polishing and working on the quality of movement and transitions that are true to the vernacular jazz historical roots. All classes/rehearsals are drop-in, but we will only “teach” part of every routine each week, so you’ll have to come to the class series to learn the whole thing, and it’s ok to feel a little lost during review if you missed parts of it.

Learning solo dance is one of the BEST ways to improve social dancing, and learning difference dance styles improves every other dance style that you do!

If you are interested, join our Facebook Group which will have all details and updates!