Catch-up: Zero to 60 wrap-up and SJ 5 year anniversary!


Thank you SO MUCH for supporting our year-long Zero to 60 project!zero_2_60

We raised a total of $1398.85 simply from pocket change and our partnership with Rio Grande Jazz Society! Though NM is 43rd poorest state in the nation, we have proven that dedicated people can make a difference!

Our performers chose a range of causes, from personal connections, to local, regional, and international causes. Please check out these great organizations and get involved or donate!

Albuquerque Aquarium –…/about-t…/biopark-membership-donations
Animal Humane Association –
Cystic Fibrosis research –
Explora Science Center and Children’s Museum –
First Born program – home visits for new families –
Heading Home –
Horses for Heroes –
Leukemia Association –
Paws and Stripes –
Pflag –
NM Jazz Workshop –
NM Legal Aid –
Rape Crisis Center –
Red Cross –…/az-n…/chapter-locations/new-mexico
Refugee Resettlement –…
Santa Fe School for Arts and Sciences –
Friend of performer’s funeral expenses –
Friend of performer’s cancer treatment –…/lorraine-s-cancer-treatment-pa…
Friend of performer’s cancer treatment –

Nitty-gritty details for those that care: we collected all money from all events and then split the total among the total number of performances (39). Some performers chose the same non-profit, so that non-profit received multiples of the amount.

Sweet jubilee paid for rehearsal space and we donated $5 per non-SJ performance upto $110.

Here’s a playlist of some of the amazing routines that were presented:


Our first team photo! We were all so young!

Next: We missed out on mentioning that April was our 5th Birthday!

Our first team performance:

One of the best parts of a long-running team is revisiting choreography and seeing how different people make it their own –
a performance one year later:

We have performed in parks, retirement homes, at the opening of a Japanese Art Deco show, performed the same routine 9 times in a single day (!), dances in various cities, run workshops, performed to live music with our friends the Shiners Club, run a successful vintage clothing etsy store, and so many other things. We had so much fun performing for the reunion of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League – remember the movie A League of Their Own? We’ve only had spagetti spilled on us while performing once!

One of our proudest accomplishments was the “Zero to 60” series where we brought together dancers and choreographers that performed on behalf of their favorite non-profit, and we raised $1300 from pocket change in a single year!

In five years, we have had women come and go: graduations, injuries, weddings, children, careers change, and we are so proud of all the individuals who have worked with us over the years. We’ve also opened up the team several times and had some awesome male solo dancers join us occasionally! Heartfelt THANK YOU to each of you.

We are so excited to announce that we are putting together our first FULL-LENGTH show this year in November. We will do a variation of “Alice in Wonderland” with fantastic creatures and fantastic dancing. We will be looking for support from our community so please do reach out if interested in up-front or behind-the scenes volunteering.

Finally, thank YOU for supporting us all these years!