Dancing for everyone!

zero to 60A big motivation for Zero to 60 was to get more people to try out performing as a way to build confidence and improve dancing. Success! We have had a mix of seasoned performers and new performers! Great job everyone and keep it up!

We opened up rehearsal to anyone and have several people try out new roles – social dancers trying out solo dancing, leads following and vice versa, etc. We have keep Sweet Jubilee as a women’s team all this time partially because we have found that women need a supportive place to express our creative ideas – social dance norms are such that leads tend to be men and leads tend to initiate creative expression (though thankfully both of those norms are rapidly changing!). It was good for everyone’s creativity to get all different energy and experience in the same room together!

Another motivation was to “work within constraints” – if a choreographer only has 60 seconds to say sj2something, that should jump-start creativity by imposing a constraint to work within. Another constraint of course is that each dancer’s body is different – what is comfortable, what injuries people are working around, etc. As such, we have been thinking of how to create opportunities. Our “sexy robots” routine was designed for a few people who all had foot/ankle/knee injuries at the same time so we created a no-impact routine! We didn’t all end up performing it but it was a great exercise in learning how to bring people together through dance and be flexible enough in our vision to increase access to all!