What is Zero to 60?

A fundraiser! Motivation to improve your dancing! Fun performances to watch!

Dancing on a team or working on choreography are some of the best ways to improve your dancing.

But it is challenging to come up with a whole song of choreography, hard to get everyone to rehearse, and intimidating to perform!

We get it.

ZERO to 60 is here to help you get over the jitters.

Step 1: Create a routine up to 60 seconds (max!).
Solo jazz, lindy hop, balboa, tap, belly dance, ballet, solo, duet, large group, recreate your favorite clip or choreograph something new!

Step 2: Sign up to perform

February 2016: Rhythm Dance Company
April 2016: Calming Four Swing Dance
June 2016 – Santa Fe Swing
August 2016 – Rio Grande Jazz Society
October 2016 – TBD
December 2016 – TBD
Step 3: Raise money for the non-profit of your choice.
Sweet Jubilee will donate $5 and we will pass a hat for the audience to contribute!Our goal is to raise at least $600 (get it, 60 with another zero?) for local non-profits. We’re so close to our goal, we’re making a new goal of $1000! Let’s make this happen!
Questions? sweetjubileegirlsabq@gmail.com
Here’s the performances from Santa Fe for inspiration!

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