Updates – ABQLX, Lion King, & more

It’s ABQLX weekend!

Do you know what that means (to us)? Time to debut some new routines! And dance our legs off at the annual lindy hop event for three days!

Here’s what we have prepped for tonight and tomorrow.

Can Can

To choreograph and do a group Can Can routine has been on our to do list since Sweet Jubilee began. The routine was started sometime during the summer, but being summer and a time we’re often out of town, we didn’t get to devote a lot of time to it until August or so. We have a lot of fun with this routine and it seems to kick our butts at the same time. It’s not easy getting those legs up there! This piece was choreographed by Morgan and the costumes were pieced together with old items and new items. Our favorite parts are the skirts of course. They are just so fun to dance in! We performed this for the first time a few days ago at Heights Community Center in Albuquerque. It was a good first run, but unfortunately one of our girls couldn’t make it. So it became a 3 person routine very quickly. Tonight we’ll be performing it at the Albuquerque Lindy Exchange around 10:50pm.


Hawaiian War Chant

This routine is the brain child of Eva. She found the song and started piecing together the choreography very early in the year. But she had dreams to make it a large group routine and our team of girls was never large enough for her plan. So we invited some of the local swing dancers to join us, learn the choreography, and perform it at ABQLX. We had just enough people who wanted to do it! The choreography relies on 12 people! For some of the dancers this is their first performance piece. We’ve had two test run performances before the grand debut tomorrow night (Saturday) at the Albuquerque Lindy Exchange. As a group, we’ve used each of those performances as learning experiences and to really fine tune the routine. We can’t wait for tomorrow, the hard work of everyone has truly paid off! We’ll be performing it around 10:50pm.


** If the song sounds familiar, this is probably where you know it from. **

An Anniversary!

Finally, a very big thank you to everyone who has supported our etsy store! We just celebrated our one year anniversary of opening shop. The profits from our store go right back to funding our team. This keeps costs out of pocket low for us members. We’ve had a lot of fun shopping for, photographing, and building our store. It has taught us more about fashion history along the way as well. One of the most exciting things with our store was having some items bought by Manhattan WGN! We got to be background dancers a few times as well during the first season, but one outfit got more screen time than any of us extras! This burnt orange two piece dress set and matching belt. We bought the set in rough condition. It had been taken apart by some former owner, probably to be resized, but never put back together. After carefully putting it all back together the show’s wardrobe department bought it from us. And a few months later it made its primetime debut! Here it is:

Manhattan_2 Manhattan_1 Manhattan_3Two more of our dresses were recently purchased by another TV show production, but until it airs we’re keeping our mouths zipped. We’re pretty excited.

Thanks again for all the continuous support from our local dance community and the vintage clothing community out there!

<3 Sweet Jubilee

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