The Summer of Vintage


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We’ve had an awesome summer for our etsy store and it’s not over yet! We’re gearing up some new routines and are so happy to have stable funding to build the costumes we’ve been dreaming of. So this is first and foremost a thank you to everyone who has supported our vintage clothing store on etsy!

This summer we have decided to move our store into a slightly different direction. We will only be selling vintage dresses and vintage glovesĀ in the future. Until then we’re working on listing the remaining inventory and will be holding periodic sales to help move out the old inventory. So keep your eyes peeled for sales! The best way to get a sale alert is through our Instagram account (@sweetjubileegirls). Not on Instagram? Next best way to hear about the sales will be on Facebook. You can find us here.

You can expect to see a whole lot more 1940s and 1950s dresses as we’ve really turned our focus on those decades! And don’t worry, you’ll still see some items from other decades as well.

~The Ladies of Sweet Jubilee

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