Vintage Photograph 2014.20

1940s sophie claire both

Claire & Sophie in Annapolis, Md

This week’s Throwback Thursday is a set of photos. They were both taken the same day as evidenced by their clothes. I believe Claire Barsky and Sophie, wearing the metallic looking dress, were hanging out around the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., based on the building behind them in the photo to the left. That building appears to be Bancroft Hall, which is currently the largest single dormitory in the world (according to wikipedia). In that same photo you can just barely make out a student passing behind them. Now for some history on Claire. I believe I found her in the 1940 census. She (22 at the time) and her husband Hyman Barsky (23 at the time) were listed as living with her parents, Benjamin and Esther Blaker. They all lived at 4007 8th NW, Washington, DC. I hope that is indeed the same Claire Barsky and that any decedents might stumble on these photos.

Every Throwback Thursday we share a vintage photograph of a woman (or group of women) and try to figure out her (their) back story. See you all next week!


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