Vintage Photograph 2014.16

1930s girlfriends bus

1930s Traveling GIRLFRIENDS

Today’s Throwback Thursday showcases two spirited ladies who may have been on an adventure! I love how fun they are and how one seems to be either making the other smile or pointing out her friends’ wide grin. The bus behind them dates to the 1930s and that correlates to the clothing they are wearing as well. Now this is just a shot in the dark but perhaps they were traveling or on a tour. The back of the photo indicates the photograph was developed and printed in Frederick, Md., but that’s all the information we have on this fun vintage photograph of two adventurous friends!

Every Throwback Thursday we share a vintage photograph of a woman (or group of women) and try to figure out her (their) back story. See you all next week!


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  2. […] 2014.16 – 1930s Traveling Girlfriends […]