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Member Feature: Eva

When we came up with the idea of Throwback Thursday featuring vintage photographs every week we also realized it gave our troupe members a chance to dig through their family history and find photos to share. This is our first member feature. Eva just happens to be celebrating her birthday today and took the time to dig out some old photos of her family. So let’s wish Eva a very happy birthday and meet her family!




These first three photos are of Eva’s grandmother, Terry Dettweiler. The first is her wedding announcement from 1945 or 1946, the next is a photo from her honeymoon, and the final is a family portrait taken in either 1950 or 1951. Eva’s grandmother is at right and her mother is the youngest child in the photo. The entire family looks so happy, even the dog!

Terry grew up in Washington, DC, had three children and moved to New Mexico for her husband’s asthma. She lived in Albuquerque and then Santa Fe. She was a social butterfly and famous for her derby parties. She is still alive and loves Sweet Jubilee! “Which one is Eva?” is her famous line.


This last photo is of “Aunt Rita”, Eva’s grandmother’s aunt. Eva says she was full Irish and maybe 2nd generation in the US. The photo was taken in Washington, DC, probably in the 1920s based on her beautiful clothing and the style of the vintage photograph.

Every Throwback Thursday we share a vintage photograph of a woman (or group of women) and try to figure out her back story. See you all next week!



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