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1940s barbara

1940s Wishing you the Best of Luck

This week’s photo is of a young woman posing possibly for a graduation or debutante photograph in the 1940s. Written on the photo are the words “Wishing You the Best of Luck Barbara.” We don’t know if the woman’s name is Barbara or if that is the person whom she is writing the message to. It could be read either way.

The photography studio information at right is the part I was able to find out more information on. It reads “By Greville / Watford.” Greville Studios was a family run photography studio on Queens Road in Watford, England for many decades, but is now closed. I found the obituaries of the brothers, Richard Greville and Ivor Greville, who ran the studio years after their father, Theodore Greville, took it over from his brother, Herbert Greville, in 1930. Did you get all that? It was a family business for sure and the most prominent portrait and commercial studio in Watford. Gauging by the ages of the brothers, their father, Theodore Greville, was most likely the photographer of this image. Now if we could only track down the family of the subject of the vintage photograph! And how this photograph ended up in Albuquerque, New Mexico is quite possibly an even more intriguing mystery!

Every Throwback Thursday we share a vintage photo of a woman and try to figure out her back story. See you all next week!


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