Vintage Photograph 2014.8

1940s woman on stoop

1940s Woman on a Stoop

This Throwback Thursday brings us another nameless, location-less vintage beauty. While we can date this photo to the 1940s by her clothing, hair, and shoes, we just don’t know anything more. I personally love the way she is framed by the shadow. And I have to laugh because only at third glance did I finally see the child that is seated next to her that was cropped out of the frame. Wonder what the story is here. Any ideas?

Every Throwback Thursday we share a vintage photo of a woman and try to figure out her back story. Join us again next week!


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  2. […] 2014.8 – 1940s Woman on a Stoop […]

  3. […] 2014.8 – 1940s Woman on a Stoop […]