Vintage Photograph 2014.5

1940s woman Ila

1940s Portrait of Ila

This week for Throwback Thursday #tbt we meet Ila. Based on her hairstyle I’m dating this to sometime in the 1940s. There is no other information on this vintage photograph. I just love her hair. I wish I could pull off the same look without looking like a poodle. Time for some more practice on 1940s hair.


If you too are interested in reproducing 1940s hair, this book has become my bible on the topic. 1940s Hairstyles by Daniela Turudich For each and every gig where we’ve had to have 1940s hair I’ve use this book as a reference and inspiration. The main thing I’ve learned is that for us modern day girls, it takes practice. Lots of practice. And the other big walk away lesson is to style your hair when it’s dirty! Yes. For most of us these days not washing your hair everyday is cringe worthy. But ladies back then didn’t wash their hair every day and based on my successful runs of getting great vintage hair, it’s been when the hair is definitely not clean. I’m not one to have the patience yet to do it every day, but when I do set my hair I can usually get two days straight of having it styled by simply pinning it back up and putting a scarf around my head when I go to bed. It makes all the trouble of getting those curls right to get a whole other day out of them. Honestly, it often looks best on day two when I’ve let the hair relax more, have brushed it more, and the oils have distributed to reduce flyaways! We’ll revisit hair another day, yes?



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  2. […] 2014.5 – 1940s Portrait of Ila […]

  3. […] 2014.5 – 1940s Portrait of Ila […]

  4. […] 2014.5 – 1940s Portrait of Ila […]

  5. […] 2014.5 – 1940s Portrait of Ila […]