A Tribute to Carmen Miranda

This past weekend at Nob Hill’s Summerfest we debuted our newest routine, Chica Boom. The song was originally performed by Carmen Miranda in That Night in Rio (1941). We used a slightly different recording of the song for our routine.

By doing a tribute to Carmen Miranda, our costumes had to look the part. With our soloist in a vintage mermaid gown and massive headpiece, the rest of us wore many ruffles and piled our own hair up high with some Carmen signature items in our hair, no fruit this time.

This was only our first performance of this routine, so if you missed us don’t worry we’re sure you’ll get a chance to see it. Inhabitants of Burque¬†was kind enough to invite us to perform on their Cork Tap Stage at Central and Monteclaire on Route 66. This is the second time we’ve performed at one of their events and at each we’ve had so much fun!

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