How to Throw a Great Gatsby Party, Part 1

Great Gatsby Party

We Sweet Jubilee Girls have been excitedly counting down the days until the release of the new Great Gatsby movie. Being released this past weekend, wouldn’t you know we had a performance the same night it opened? A few of us trekked to the movies over the weekend to see it even though we missed opening night. The costumes, the sets, the actors, everything was so spectacular. Even without the old jazz music, it was still quite awesome. Every time a party scene showed dancers my heart rate jumped. Sweet Jubilee knew months ago that we needed to throw our own Gatsby Party and so the planning began…


So how do you throw a Great Gatsby Party?

  1. Assemble a team to plan and help at the event. That’s all us Sweet Jubilee Girls and a few close friends.
  2. Find a location. One with character or age will make the night even more memorable.
  3. Get a DJ (or a few) on board to DJ vintage jazz music. Ours will be sticking to 1920s-1940s music.
  4. Host a vintage fashion show as part of the event. Why not? It’s all about stepping back into time.
  5. Invite the local swing and blues dancers. Seriously, they/we love a good vintage party.
  6. Have a floor show performance. I’m sure you saw some of the centerpiece dancers at the parties if you saw the new Gatsby movie. There are local dance teams in many towns that do vintage jazz dance. We are Albuquerque’s group. If you live outside of Albuquerque, your city may just have their own chorus girl dance team.
  7. Hire a live jazz band. Luckily one of our team members is part of a local jazz band; we’re excited to have them play!
  8. Organize a photo booth. Okay completely optional, but it would be great to allow people to go home with a photo memory of the night. We’re building a complete set for this… be sure to check back for the “After” photos!
  9. Don’t forget food! We’ll be having finger foods, sparkling cider and wine!
  10. Encourage people to dress up! What’s a Gatsby party without people in their finest?
  11. We’re planning to include a raffle at our event as well. Our event is a fundraiser for the troupe. With 8-10 girls to costume for every routine and spaces to rent on top of other general costs we need to bring in some money to keep creating and performing and hopefully keep throwing wonderful parties!

Hope we’ve given you some ideas for planning your own Gatsby Party. And if you are an Albuquerque local, we hope you have a better idea of how grand this party is going to be on Sunday! See you there with fringe, feathers, or beads on!

For the where, when, and more details on our event:

The Great Gatsby Party and Fundraiser


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