Tokyo Boogie Woogie


The debut of Toyko Boogie Woogie

Sweet Jubilee has been beyond busy in the past few months, and the next month is just more of the same. We wouldn’t have it any other way! We left off on our last blog post as getting ready for the big performance at the Albuquerque Museum. Our vintage selves were ready to go. Costumes made, props polished, and hair and make-up practiced. We entertained a good crowd that night with five routines. Our grande finale was our debut of a new (for us) routine, Tokyo Boogie Woogie! We were so busy changing costumes we almost missed out seeing the art exhibit. Thankfully someone from the museum wanted group photos of us IN the Deco Japan exhibit so we got a chance to pause and appreciate the art after all!

Check out two facebook photo galleries of us at the museum:

Sweet Jubilee at Albuquerque Museum – Gallery 1

Sweet Jubilee at Albuquerque Museum – Gallery 2

After our museum performance we had another performance at 505 Stomp where we performed our Toyko Boogie Woogie routine we had crafted for the Deco Japan theme of the museum. Now for some background on the routine. It was created based on the original choreography featured in this 1947 vintage clip:

After breaking it down (all except the soloist part) and recreating it completely, we knew it needed a little something more. That’s when we added the umbrellas and then later changed other parts to spice it up. It was a routine that evolved over many rehearsals. Here we are performing it at 505 Stomp!

After weeks of working on high kicks and syncronizing other parts of the routine we are still pretty darn happy with the way it turned out. Too bad we can sing the song in our heads now, but STILL don’t know Japanese! Seems like the song and original video clip are a bit of Japanese pop culture since a youtube search for Tokyo Boogie Woogie brings up karaoke versions of Shizuko Kasagi‘s song, some even with their own background dancers!

Edited: Auditions are now closed.

Look like fun? Come Audition THIS Sunday!
This Sunday (4/21/13) we have auditions to join Sweet Jubilee! More info here. If you have been following us and are itching to join our troupe this is your chance. Even though we are a dance team, you do not need to be an advanced dancer to be on the team, just have a strong interest in performing and sharing a love of vintage style and dance. We have dancers of all levels on the team. We can’t wait to welcome some more ladies.

Until next time!

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