Art Deco Ready

You'll definitely want to see our "fan" dan!

You’ll definitely want to see our “fan” dance!

We are a very short two days away from our next performance, and if you follow us on Facebook there’s a good chance you’ve seen how much we’ve been promoting the event! We are so exciting we are dancing right out of our t-strap shoes!

We have been feverishly sewing costumes, researching Art Deco hair, makeup, and fashion, and of course practicing our lovely dance moves. This past Sunday we had our first dress rehearsal. Seeing everything come together that we’ve been working on for months was amazing.

The event, Art Deco Japan: The Jazz Age Experience, will be an evening of live music and dance (that’s us!) at the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History this Thursday, February 21st. The evening event lasts from 5 pm until 8:30 pm. We’ll be performing at three different time slots: 5:45 pm, 6:45 pm, and 7:45 pm. You’ll want to catch all three-we promise! At 5:45 pm, we’ll teach everyone how to do some Charleston, too. And did we mention it’s FREE?! That’s right, live music, dancing, and art, all for free!

So grab some friends, learn some flapper slang: The Top 10 most sarcastic Flapper slang words. (Courtesy of, and get ready to cut a rug, but don’t be a “corn shredder.” Also, join us in dressing of the Art Deco era. We know Albuquerque is full of vintage goodies so pull them out of the trunks, dig them out of grandma’s closet and give them another night out on the town!

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