Holidays are upon us!

Nob Hill Shop and Stroll marked the unveiling of two new routines for the Sweet Jubilee girls: a holiday-inspired Shim Sham/Tranky Doo mash-up to Jingle Bells (just wait—we’re working on a version with hip-height candy canes!) and the Albuquerque debut of “All I Do,” a recreation of the choreography originally performed by Debbie Reynolds in “Singin’ in the Rain.” We also reprised a crowd favorite Charleston from earlier this fall, Muskrat Ramble.

Photo by Morgan

After the performance, some of us girls took to the streets for a little holiday window-shopping. With the roads blocked off for pedestrian foot traffic, we strutted our stuff right down the middle of Central. Turns out they didn’t need to barricade the street—we could’ve stopped traffic!

Just a couple blocks from where we performed sat this gem-of-a-truck, all spiffed up for the holidays: the owners had tied a beautiful evergreen wreath to the front grill. It was as if this opportunity was designed just for us—we couldn’t help ourselves; holiday photos were in order. We took turns trying out our best pinup poses. How did we do?

Nob Hill has some wonderful places to shop for vintage finds—of course, we had to stop and take a peek. TONS of wonderful gift ideas, especially with our annual Secret Santa gift exchange this coming Sunday. And as you can see, we certainly had trouble just looking; those hats were begging to sit atop our carefully coiffed hairstyles. Now to find the rest of the outfit to match…

What a fun way to kick start the holidays—I think we’d all agree that after that event, It’s Beginning to Look A lot like Christmas!


All photos by Morgan and Alyx – Click on them to see larger. 🙂

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